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We offer Botox treatments in Bossier City, LA. We also serve the Bossier Parish, LA area.

If you think the only use for Botox is to smooth out wrinkles, think again. Botox has many uses in dentistry, and the professionals at Elite Family Dentistry take advantage of them all. If you’re looking for Botox treatments in Bossier City, LA, visit our dentist office today.

Botox can be used for cosmetic and dental issues. Botox is a muscle relaxer, so it can alleviate the pain of dental problems like temporomandibular disorders and bruxism. With a convenient location in Bossier City, LA, you can finally find relief to dental pain. Discuss your dental issues with us today to find out if Botox can help you. We also serve the Bossier Parish, LA area.

The dental uses of Botox

In addition to soothing facial and jaw pain, Botox can:

  • Help fix high lip lines when used with dermal filler therapy.
  • Retrain muscles during orthodontic therapy.
  • Help you get used to new dentures.

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